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CPV-17 - 17th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics

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Monday 12th April 2021 - Wednesday 14th April 2021

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Online Event

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The 17th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV-17) is the premier technical conference in the areas of high- and low-concentration PV components, modules, and tracker-based PV systems. The conference presents the most recent achievements in the development of CPV components and systems, like the solar cells and optics to be integrated in advanced module concepts and systems. The program will include latest performance results and characterization methodologies but also new designs and manufacturing technologies.

Novel concepts like micro-CPV, hybrid modules or integrated tracking systems allow expanding to new markets and applications for power plants, in urban environments, building integration (BIPV) or the aerospace. Beyond the sole electricity production, III-V devices and CPV bring additional benefits in combination with other technologies. For example, hydrogen production, power by light, power to fuel, desalination or thermophotovoltaics (TPV) are promising, unique applications enabled by CPV.

The conference will take place from April 12 -14, 2021 as a virtual event and will be hosted by Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE.

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PSE Conferences & Consulting GmbH